Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blue Cheese Burger

Everyone loves a good burger, whether it's beef, chicken, turkey or veggie. Over the past year I have tried to limit the amount of beef I eat, and go for more lean meets like turkey and chicken. However, when I was at the store yesterday I saw this beautiful 95% lean ground beef on sale and just couldn't resist. I had been craving a good burger for days and decided that if I wanted to save the pennies in the piggy bank, the fat from landing on my thighs (had I gone out to get a burger) and still get what I want, this was the way to go. I also found sesame buns that were freshly made (still warm!) and some amish blue cheese that was way cheaper than any other blue cheese in the store. I got home and threw together a basic yet delicious burger, and with the right toppings had a great lunch.

about 1/2 lb 95% lean beef (turkey, chicken or veggie may be replaced for beef)
1/8 onion minced
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1 egg
1 clove of garlic minced
(a dash of lime juice and low-sodium soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce can be added)

Herbs of your choice (I used McCormick Perfect Pinch Garlic and Herb)
1 pat of butter (1 teaspoon-1 Tablespoon if you make the whole batch)
1 slice of tomato
1-2 tablespoons of blue cheese
1 leaf of lettuce
1 sesame bun, toasted

Mix together beef, onion, bread crumbs, egg, garlic, and herbs (and lime juice and Worcestershire sauce). Divide into 4 pieces (maybe 3) and make into thin (1/2 inch) patties. Heat the frying pan on a medium high heat. Add butter once it's warm. Then add the burgers, but don't overcrowd. Allow them to sear on each side, about 1 minute, then lower heat to medium and let them cook through. About 2-4 minutes on each side makes them medium to medium well. It doesn't take long, but it will depend on the stove you have, the frying pan, and the thickness of the burger. While the burger cooks, toast the bread or bun, and prepare the toppings (although I like to do all this before hand so I'm ready to compile the sandwich quickly once it's done). When the burger is ready, plate it, top it and devour!

If you want a side, sweet potato chips are a great alternative to fries. I slice them real thin, coat with just a bit of olive oil and some seasonings, then bake for about 15-20 minutes in a 375˙ oven. Happy Cooking and Enjoy!

Even Holly (my cat) enjoys a good burger!

These are the nutritional facts for the burger (meat), without the blue cheese, bun and toppings. It's fairly good! Add the extra pieces and the whole burger comes to about 300-350 calories. With the sweet potato you'd be at about 400-450. I tend to have larger lunches so I don't eat so much in the evenings, so this is perfect for me!

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