Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini S'mores

I was craving something sweet tonight, so into the cupboard I went. I couldn't find anything to easily grab. Then had a thought: "Marshmallows!" I had stocked up on marshmallows during the holiday season and had yet to use them up. With some extra melting chocolates from a Pretzel Chocolate kit I bought, and some older (almost stale but not yet) crackers, I pulled out a fork, started up the gas stove and created a Mini S'more.

For those of you without a gas stove, my deepest apologies. However you could recreate this using a candle (one that has no scent), the broiler (be careful!!!) or a microwave and just nuke it.

This was the perfect little snack and I'm sure it came in under 100 calories, since one marshmallow is about 25 calories, and the crackers are about the same (or lower) and the chocolate, well it's chocolate! Happy Recreating and Enjoy!

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