Friday, September 2, 2011

Inspiration from a 6 by 5 Kitchen

I recently heard about a woman who made a recipe for what she calls, 'The Engagement Chicken'. Many women who were chomping at the bit to get engaged made this oven-roasted chicken for their man. A high percentage of the woman who made this chicken said that either that night, or within so many days of making it, their boyfriends proposed. It got me thinking, so many women are told, 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach' and after hearing that I'm even more convinced. But what interests me more is that women (and men) want to create delicious meals for their loved ones but don't want the hassle of a long recipe, an expensive trip to the store or the need to hire a professional team to assist in the complexities of the meal. So I thought, give them what they want! On this recipe website I will be posting pictures, recipes, the good and the bad, of what I make in the kitchen. Each recipe will be lower-budget and include options for a quicker meal or homemade meal, ingredient replacements and so much more. I want these recipes to be accessible to all. I have a kitchen that is smaller than 30-square-feet with very basic equipment and I've managed to roast an entire chicken, make soup from scratch and a bake and decorate a two layer cake. So fear not, you can do this too! Stop by to see what new thing I have cooked up! Give them a try and feel free to leave comments, questions and suggestions. And who knows, maybe one of these recipes will help snatch you a man (or woman). Happy cooking!

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